Little Things II
Acrylic on Canvas 2005
The Little Things series is really about taking a step back from our fast-paced life and paying attention to the things that matter. The background text is composed of a 'printer error'. One day, while working for an IT company, a printer near my desk spat out 300 of these pages before anyone even noticed. Was it trying to communicate  or was it just one of those high-tech gadgets that isn't as reliable as we imagine they should be. I could have put cover pages on top of every ten sheets and handed them out to company employees to treat in much the same manner as other corporate reports - or I could celebrate the failure of the digital by rendering a random series of printer junk in larger-than-life paint.

In this image, the small type-styled characters in the background are screen-printed (using a light-sensitive emulsion to make a screen from an enlarged version of an original error page).